Free Wi-FI is definitely not enough to change the perception the country have on our local bus service operator. Just this afternoon my wife and I were lucky to avoid a serious accident due to the negligence of a bus driver driving Bus 136 on route 212 in Paceville.

The bus stopped in bus stop Ross facing Paceville and since we were in the car behind him, my wife indicated to the right, checked if there was enough space and calmly drove to the right to go pass the stationed bus. All of a sudden the bus driver decided to go out of the bus stop bay and started moving, leaving our car trapped between two buses. He did this while calm smirking in the mirror looking at us.

Thankfully the car on the other side stopped and allowed us enough time to get back behind the bus, if he didn’t we would have ended up in an accident thanks to the carelessness and savage behaviour of the bus driver.

To make matters worse, as soon as he stopped in the next bus stop, called San Ġiljan, we drove past his right and as soon as we passed he leaned out of the window and flipped us while screaming “F…. Om….”

It’s a shame that in 2018 we still have this type of bus drivers working with the bus service operator. Unfortunately this type of disgusting behaviour puts all the other bus drivers in a bad light and thats not fair. I’m sure that there are many other bus drivers that are polite and courteous, however there seems to be some sort of customer care course that this driver missed!