Out of all the ideas I have for our hometown Msida, I strongly believe that this one is my favourite. We live in a locality that is surrounded by concrete. Wherever you look at you see buildings. Many of the houses are being demolished and replaced by apartments.

Apart from that we’re also one of the most important traffic arteries for our country. Over 80,000 cars pass through Msida daily. That means that Msida is not only suffocated among streets and streets full buildings without a single patch of greenery, it’s also an incubator for smog.

Roof Gardens

i understand that land is limited in Msida. It is what it is and we can’t expand it (although it wouldn’t be the first time that it happened if someone actually ever did!) With that in mind it’s impossible to ask for land to be converted back to an open space with trees etc. What I would love to see however is more roof gardens.

Although this is not something unheard of, it’s not something that is popular either. Check out this interesting article on Lovin Malta that discusses the various roof gardens options.

This is something that is very popular already in Singapore so we can always look at how they did it and try and replicate it here. My idea is that as a Local Council we will introduce a scheme where we give out roof garden starter packs for free to anyone that is interested in doing a small diy garden either on the roof or else in their yards. This pack will include pots, seeds and anything else that is needed to get the ball rolling.

If this projects becomes a success it would mean that we would have created a new lung for Msida. This initiative doesn’t cost a lot of money and isn’t time consuming to manage either, however the end result can be a wonderful and well needed breath of fresh air for our locality.

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