This morning I came across a Facebook post in the popular group Are You Being Served┬áthat talked about an unfair fine someone got. As can be described in the post this gentleman finished a hard day’s work only to find a EUR35 present left on his bike for the silly reason that the license disk couldn’t be seen.

He continued to explain that the bike is made in a way that it have a pipe passing in front of the license disc. This is not something that he did himself, however the bike came out from the factory with it. You can also clearly see that the bike owner made an effort to make sure that the pipe passed in front of a letter that still made the rest of the disc clearly legible. He also went to the dealer that he bought it from to see if he had any similar complaints, however he told him that he never heard of such nonsense and this is the first time that someone got a fine for something as petty as this.

On top of that, this gentleman said that he tried to contest this fine however the appeal wasn’t accepted and the fine was confirmed.

Apart from all this, what happened to the warning scheme? Couldn’t they change this into a warning?

Is this what the wardens should be doing? Is this really necessary? I strongly believe that there are many other more important things that the wardens should be doing. If they don’t know where to start from, please feel free to give me a call and I will direct them to some hot spots popular with litter dumping!

I wholeheartedly ask LESA to get their act together and focus on what’s more important. Keeping our country safe and clean is definitely more important than upsetting civilians with petty fines.