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Weight Loss Surgery WILL not change everything.

One of the things that many people ask me about bariatric surgery is “Will everything in my life change?” Although most of the times my first reaction to this is, yes everything will change; I think I must clarify some… Continue Reading →

Solidarity: Always or when it’s popular?

We’re the lucky generation! Yes we are. Anyone born after 1980 in Malta only remembers governments that have tried their utmost best to better our lives in some way or another. That includes all their faults of course. Some succeeded… Continue Reading →

Body Dysmorphia after Weight Loss Surgery

Recently we’ve seen a new phenomenon. More and more people that I come across with are opting for a weight loss surgery. When I say weight loss surgeries, I’m talking in the collection because there are different type of weight… Continue Reading →

This is why I had a Gastric Bypass.

One of the many questions I always gets asked is; “Why did you go through a gastric bypass surgery?” There are many answers for this question, but the main one is simple. I WANT TO LIVE!

Gastric Bypass Diet – How many calories should you eat post-op?

A question which many people ask us and we always try our best to explain is this; How many calories should I eat after a Gastric Bypass? To answer this first I need to explain briefly once again what does… Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about: Food After Weight-Loss Surgery

Let’s talk about… food after weight-loss surgery For those of you who haven’t seen our previous posts yet, my husband Alan and I both got a Gastric Bypass done at Irmet Hospital in Turkey. I get a lot of questions… Continue Reading →

Tackling weight-loss surgery – Part Two

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, click on THIS link first. It’s been three and a half months since my husband Alan and I flew out to Istanbul on a cold January morning for our Gastric Bypasses. It’s been… Continue Reading →

Fat Shaming – A recollection of experiences – Part 1

Today’s subject is quite a touchy one. I’m going to be mentioning a few cases that happened to me personally throughout my life where I was fat-shamed, picked on or else discriminated against because of my size. This blog isn’t… Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about another taboo; Weight-loss surgery.

“You’ve gained a bit of weight haven’t you?” “If you want to live to grow old, you need to lose weight now while you’re still young.” “You take after your [insert relative/ancestor’s name here], she was also overweight.” “Why don’t… Continue Reading →

Tubal Ligation (or lack thereof) in Malta

So for those that don’t know exactly how the female body works, let’s start with a quick physiology lesson so we’re all on the same page about our reproduction organs. The ovaries are each connected to the uterus by a… Continue Reading →

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