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Leading with Empowerment: How to Build a Strong and Effective Team

Managing people is a challenging and rewarding task that requires a deep understanding of human behavior, an ability to empower and inspire others, and a willingness to trust and support your team members. It’s not just about telling people what… Continue Reading →

The Harmful Truth about Gay Conversion Therapy: Understanding the Dangers and the Damage it Causes

Gay conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy or sexual orientation change efforts, is a controversial practice that aims to change an individual’s sexual orientation from gay to straight. This practice has been widely discredited by numerous professional organizations and… Continue Reading →

The Art of Good Conversation

“Differences of opinion, if handled correctly, can be the foundation of a healthy relationship. They can bring new ideas and perspectives to the table, and help us grow and learn from one another. However, when these differences turn into fights,… Continue Reading →

Well, This Happened: A Journey Through Gastric Bypass and 360 Tummy Tuck Surgery

In January 2021, my wife Tiffany and I both made the decision to undergo Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery. At the time, my starting weight was 200.1kg. This was a big step for us, but we felt it was necessary… Continue Reading →

Leading with Excellence: Key Principles for Successful Team Management

In my many years years of experience in management I was very lucky to have learned from some amazing managers. Through this I have learned a lot and I have come to understand the importance of certain key principles when… Continue Reading →

The effects of alcohol and drugs on driving: Killing a fellow human being.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a tragic incident occurred in Gżira, Malta, where a woman was hit by a car and then allegedly assaulted by its driver. The victim, Pelin Kaya, was a 30-year-old interior designer who was… Continue Reading →

The Positive Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Overall Health: Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Energy, and More

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a popular option for those struggling with obesity. The procedure not only helps individuals lose weight, but it also has a number of health benefits that can improve overall quality of… Continue Reading →

Cheated my way out of obesity? I beg your pardon!

The day before yesterday was one of those days in which it left me a bit dumbfounded and slightly shell-shocked. A message I received from an old acquaintance of mine that I met during a power walk left me feeling… Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Surgery WILL not change everything.

One of the things that many people ask me about bariatric surgery is “Will everything in my life change?” Although most of the times my first reaction to this is, yes everything will change; I think I must clarify some… Continue Reading →

Solidarity: Always or when it’s popular?

We’re the lucky generation! Yes we are. Anyone born after 1980 in Malta only remembers governments that have tried their utmost best to better our lives in some way or another. That includes all their faults of course. Some succeeded… Continue Reading →

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