In the labyrinth of routine, where conformity masquerades as contentment, there exists a profound paradox: countless souls, tethered to the mundane, yearn for boundless joy. It’s a narrative woven into the fabric of our society – the relentless pursuit of happiness. Yet, in this quest, so many find themselves ensnared within the safety net of familiarity, unknowingly trading the vibrant hues of their dreams for the grayscale monotony of societal expectations.

Picture this: an endless loop of waking, working, and sleeping, where individuality succumbs to the collective hum. It’s a pattern etched into the modern psyche, a template that promises security but often leaves the heart wanting. We marvel at the outliers, those daring souls who dance to the beat of their own existence, wondering how they found the courage to defy the gravitational pull of conformity.

Somehow we all look at those that seem to be the happiest and most free, and if you look close enough these kind of people have a few things in common.

Some of these individuals, because obviously we can’t generalise, they questioned the predefined trajectory of life: the traditional nine-to-five grind, the pursuit of material wealth, the checklist of societal expectations. These outliers found the courage within themselves to resist the gravitational pull of conformity. Instead of tethering their worth to possessions or societal validation, they ventured into the unexplored realms of passion and purpose. For them, a career wasn’t merely a means of sustenance; it was an avenue for self-expression, an art form where creativity and fulfillment were paramount. Their work ceased to be a mundane obligation; it became a canvas where innovation and authenticity painted the vivid strokes of their identity.

Consider our professional lives for a moment. Many of us have invested years in our jobs, consistently delivering commendable performance, and inevitably felt the desire for recognition. It’s a sentiment shared by most. But what’s intriguing is our predictable response. We typically draft an email to HR, pleading for a salary review, or approach our boss, discussing the intricacies of our pay and bonuses. It appears that our sole aspiration, the recompense for our dedication, is, more often than not, monetary. Undoubtedly, money is a significant motivator in the workplace, yet it’s not the sole driving force. A salary boost, though enticing initially, loses its luster after a few months. Its novelty fades, becoming a mere entry in the paycheck rather than a source of enduring fulfillment. But how many of us have dared to seek something different, something more profound? Imagine, instead of a higher salary, asking for additional time off. Picture having an extra week of leisure per year! The prospect is tantalizing, isn’t it? More time away from work means more opportunities for hobbies, travel, and genuine self-indulgence. It transforms the rhythm of life, offering the precious chance to savor moments and truly be oneself, unburdened by professional demands.

At its core, it’s about discovering authentic happiness. While money undeniably plays a role, true contentment resides beyond its confines. Consider not just the monetary worth but the experiences it can create. The pursuit of happiness transcends the mere accumulation of wealth; it finds its essence in the richness of moments crafted within the limited span of our existence. Happiness doesn’t dwell solely in the bank account; it flourishes in the adventures, the relationships, the passions pursued, and the memories made. In the tapestry of life, it’s the threads of meaningful experiences that weave the most profound sense of fulfillment.

There are other things that we ought to do differently and challenge societal norms on a day to day basis, however I’ll try to pick on one subject at a time to keep it interesting, otherwise with life being too busy, it will make my writings too long and too boring. In the meantime, may I wish you to dig deep in your soul and identify those few things that you really want. Write them down, save them somewhere safe and work on them daily. Work towards achieving what YOU want and not what society tells you that you should be doing. Do that, and one day you might actually be that person that you were always meant to be.