There’s no words to describe the happiness I felt when I heard that Christopher Bartolo was finally being temporarily released. It’s been a long and hard journey for Christopher and his loved ones. Losing two kidneys, getting a transplanted kidney only for it to fail and losing it again and then being held in prison while he needs all that treatment has been a nightmare that no one should go through.

Although under house arrest, Christopher Bartolo is now at least close to his loved ones and he can focus more on his treatment and since he’s studying, he can focus on that as well!

This afternoon I watched the short clip of his interview that Lovin Malta uploaded on their portal and it made me so happy to see him and his partner Rachel Borg happy and smiling together.

Christopher, may God keep a loving hand on you and I hope that you can keep up your brave fight in order to focus on your health. You’re a fighter and I have no doubt that you’ll continue this fight!

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