Today is a special day for our country. Today we celebrate L-Istrina. A celebration of love and generosity where the whole country comes together and collects funds for the Community Chest Fund in order to be able to help all those in need in the coming year.

While we’re all comfortable and warm in our houses watching this celebration of generosity, let’s unite together and make one more appeal on behalf of Christopher Bartolo.

Christopher Bartolo is still behind bars, suffering from his condition while he awaits for justice.

Please read more here and here to learn more about Christopher Bartolo’s case.

I unite together with many others that are calling for justice to be done in order to give Christopher Bartolo the opportunity to be with his family while he awaits justice and in the meantime he will be able to recieve the treatment that he needs in more humane conditions.

This country is amazing, we help all those that needs help. Let’s not abandon one of our brothers in his time of need!