Most of us thinks that in this beautiful country of ours, if someone frauds you, you can go to the police, file a report, go to court, and settle it in a few months (maybe years). For most that is how things are done, however for career fraudster Annabelle Camilleri Monreal this is certainly not the case.

A quick google search with her name will immediately brings you up a lot of articles about how she defrauded her way through adulthood leaving behind her hundreds of individuals short of their hard earned money.

Back in 2015 my wife Tiffany rented out a flat in St. Paul’s Bay from Annabelle after we were introduced to her by an estate agent. We were made to believe and understand that the flat was owned by Annabelle. Just a few weeks after the agreement was signed and the payment for the first month was made, Annabelle contacted Tiffany and asked her that if she pays 6 months rent upfront, she would give her 2 free months. We agreed to this and we gave her the money for 6 months thinking that we’re going to get 2 months rent for free.

Two weeks later Tiffany tried to get into her apartment and low and behold found that the front key was changed.  When we tried to contact Annabelle she immediately ended all contact with Tiffany and it was impossible to get in touch with her.

When this happened we immediately filed a report at the police station and we were told that the flat that we were renting wasn’t owned by Annabelle and she was defrauding us by renting us an apartment which wasn’t hers.

To this we asked the police that we would like to proceed with suing Annabelle however the police told us that they have “hundreds of similar cases” against her and we can forget that she is ever going to pay us.

We opened a Facebook group to get together people that were defrauded by this monster and low and behold in less than a month we had over 70 people joining and they all started sharing stories of  how Annabelle defrauded them. One of these 70 people is Annabelle’s first husband! She defrauded him as well. Last I heard Annabelle is now living with her North African boyfriend somewhere in Gozo and they’re still defrauding people together.

The sad truth about all this is that after numerous court cases against Annabelle, she is still running around free and defrauding people every single day. Somehow the law hasn’t caught up with her yet.


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