This afternoon, just after we were all finishing lunch, I came across a post by Clif Debono. Clif shared two photos showing a black-eye and a bruised knee and a description that made my shed a tear!

Honestly speaking, I shed a tear for Clif because no one deserves to be savaged in that way and more to that, I shed a tear for our country. Clif Debono explained that he was attacked for being gay.

Clif said that he was attacked by people that are not happy that he’s gay and that they wanted him to change. However, how can someone change who he is? Can you change your eye colour? (well apparently I read that you can!), Can you change your skin colour? No ey? Same as your sexuality. You can’t change who you are, you can’t change what you’re attracted to. Being gay is who Clif Debono is and no matter what, it’s not right that he’s being attacked for being who he is.


Clif Debono ended his post by tell the world that in Malta these things are still happening. Unfortunately, that’s what makes this even more painful.

Malta, a country in which we’ve come a long way, we still have people that are being savaged for being who they are. In this country, were just a few months ago we all celebrated the right to love and the right to marry for everyone, we still have people who live in fear of getting hurt for being gay.

Today I’ve shed a tear for Clif Debono….. and today I’ve shed a tear for our country.

Kuraġġ Clif. For every person that attack you, you’re going to find another 100 that will embrace you. Homophobia must end now! We shall not stop fighting against homophobia until each and every person in this country feels safe to embrace his or her own sexuality!