A man who admitted involvement in a drug trafficking case 14 years ago, but has since reformed himself and become an inspiration to others, was jailed for three years today despite appeals for a non-custodial sentence.

William Agius was also fined €3,000 and had his property confiscated. He could have faced between four years and 20 years in prison.

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici said this was ‘a sensible judgement’

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In my personal and humble opinion, this is 3 years too long. I understand that the court’s hands are tied down however as a society we need to do more. This man has been clean for a long time, over 10 years and he’s a business man and he employs people that went through the same thing like he did in order to give them another chance at life. Honestly, the world is a poorer place with this man behind bars.

We can do more, our politicians can do more!